The Embedding Challenge

Think you're an embedding expert? Let's see if you have what it takes!

Read the objectives below and brush up on any of the items that might give you some trouble. When you are ready, take the challenge!

      1. Identify the difference between creating an “Item” and a “Blank Page”, and justify appropriate examples of each.
      2. Explain the benefit of testing course content with the “Add a Test Student” tool (versus using “Edit mode off” and “Student Preview”).
      3. Demonstrate adding granular course links to the course navigation menu by including two links (one as a direct email link, another of your choice) in the course menu.
      4. Discuss the merits of embedding content in Blackboard and demonstrate this concept by creating three different experiences for the learner by choosing appropriate tools that leverage collaboration and multimedia.
      5. Establish multiple sessions of Blackboard (either using incognito mode in one browser or using two different browsers) and implement the strategies from this lesson.

The Embedding Challenge


Get a copy of the Embedding Challenge template. You can get it in a few different file formats, but you'll eventually be submitting it as a Google Doc.


Complete the Embedding Challenge by answering the questions and providing screenshots of evidence. Not sure how to do screenshots? Check out this video!


Glace at the rubric so you have a good idea of the scope of this challenge. You can even create an interactive version for yourself.


Submit the URL of your Embedding Challenge here. Make sure you put your name in the document!

Once it is received, it will be graded and a cusotomized report will be emailed to you.